Igor Cornelsen’s Expertise In Investing

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian stock market businessman and a retired banking executive. Mr. Cornelsen’s vast experience in the financial market had enabled him to stay afloat even when the Brazilian stock market collapsed. Understanding the in and out of the financial market has made him a very accomplished investor and advisor.

Before leaving the banking industry, Igor Cornelsen held several leadership positions in major banks in Brazil. He was known for being among the top bankers. Mr. Cornelsen was also on many advisory boards of the banks. After a well-established career in the banking industry, he left the market to concentrate on investments. Burger King can attest to the positive impact Igor’s knowledge of investing has had on them. The company has benefited a lot from his counsel.

Cornelsen’s advice

Through Bainbridge Investments, Igor has offered advice to individuals and corporations that have changed lives of the investments. According to Mr. Cornelsen, it is important to make investments in different areas. This will save the investor the trauma in case one field does not perform as expected. Igor also advises that investors should put investments in damaged stock because they are always affordable. When these stocks stabilize, the investor should sell them to make profits. Firms that are failing should be a no-go zone for potential investors.

Igor Cornelsen believes that every sector has an opportunity for a great investment income even though before investing, a person should put some things into consideration. He is the best advisor to turn to because he knows all the advantages and disadvantages of the different sectors. Cornelsen advises Brazilian investors to consider China. He says that apart from the fact that China is their trading partner, their economies are almost similar.


Several publications and articles have Igor’s advice on how to make investments. Those who cannot get one-on-one with him can use these articles to make the right decisions. Investors who are not from Brazil rely so much on Cornelsen’s counsel because the market needs an expert to succeed. The regulations and rules usually vary from where these potential investors come from. This particular reason makes Igor a valuable asset.

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