James Dondero: A Devoted Contributor Who Endeavors To Make A Change In Dallas, Texas

There are many entrepreneurs in America who are helping a lot towards building the US economy by assisting others in financial management. Money is something everyone in different settings is always looking for, and not very many individuals are well acquainted with the art of financial management. Therefore, such people need financial advice be it when purchasing different types of assets or being smart when it comes to financial issues at large. James Dondero is such an individual in the US, whose contribution in the financial sector is of great value especially, in Dallas, Texas.
James Dondero’s journey began back in 1984 at a time when he received training from Morgan Guaranty. Later in the same year, he graduated from the University of Virginia McIntire with exemplary results. Since then, his success has known no bounds. From a bonds analyst, portfolio chair, president of the board of Nexbank and currently the head of Highland Capital management, he is unstoppable.
Highland Capital Management is an investment company, which handles hedge funds, structured ventures, and funds from distressed investments. The company was created in 1993 reporting $18.7 billion of assets under its control in 2014.From 1984, it places James with more than 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets. Under his leadership, Highland has spearheaded both in making the collateralized Loan Obligation and boosting credit-pitched solutions for organization and retail investors globally.
James is an individual who is always passionate about his work. For him, doing something that makes the great value in the economy of Dallas is what gives him pleasure. Despite being a busy man, Highland Capital has earned a reputation as one of the biggest credit institutions in the world. Although most of his time is dedicated to working, he also engages in charitable events. For instance, he donated $1 million to Dallas Zoo, with the aim of re-opening it. Also, together with a fellow Philanthropist, Mary Jalonick, they founded Dallas Highland Foundation, which is a non- profit organization aimed towards helping locals be it health or educational needs. There’s so much that James has and is still doing for the people, but what is evident is that he is a passionate man with a heart of gold.

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