James Dondero, Dallas giving expert

James Dondero may be many things, but he is most of all a giver. He is also founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management, where he oversees many philanthropic projects.

Dondero’s famous local vision works nicely with The Dallas Foundation, and they have given a name to their joint venture, calling it The Highland Dallas Foundation, which is focused on giving locally, and wants to create in Dallas a better place to live and work for all.

James Dondero has local connections to places as diverse as The Dallas Zoo and The George Bush Presidential Library, where he has been giving for years. His expertise in these areas combines with The Dallas Foundation’s knowing how to make a good gift go a long way, and to them having the funds to do so.

So, next time you’re in Dallas, look for these names, and keep in mind that James Dondero and Highland Capital Management are both names that have made Dallas proud. For local readers, you can find evidence of their influence around the city, and in many ways they contribute to the wealth of what Dallas has to offer those who live and work in its greater metro area.

The possibilities for philanthropy are endless, and these folks are making it the best it can possibly be for the nearly foreseeable future.

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