Jeffery Schnieder Creates a Life for Himself and Others

Jeffery Schneider is a man of many talents. He enjoys eating healthy and keeping his body fit. He has done several events that showcase his physical ability including marathons, half and full ironmans. His passion has led him to write several articles helping others stay healthy. In addition to keeping physically fit, he also travels the world and has been on several continents. His passion all began at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, where he earned a bachelor in Science Degree.

After he graduated he worked at several businesses including Axiom Capital Management, Paradigm Global Advisors and several more. After putting time in the industry, he decided to branch out on his own and create Ascendant Capital, LLC. Based out of Austin, Texas Schneider’s business focuses on being a “boutique alternative investment firm with global capabilities.” The company is doing a pretty good job of it too, as they are one of the best in the nation. He has grown the business from two to thirty employees that work with over fifty broker dealers and two hundred and fifty investment advisors. All of the investments have been used to continue their growth and this year they set a goal to hit fifty million dollars in one month.

Beyond the excitement that the company has because of its booming success, their culture plays into the excitement the employees have when at work. Open communication and trust between team members as well as a common interest in the business’ success allows for a positive culture for everyone involved.

All of the positive that has been created in Jeffery Schnieder’s life is because he is a man with integrity who goes after what he dreams of for his life. Little did he know that those dreams changed the life of many more, from employees to customers, as well.


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