Jeffry Schneider’s Top Reasons of Having a Workplace Wellness Program

Jeffry Schneider is an investor with over 25 years of experience in helping professionals such as broker-dealers and investment advisors who are interested generating high income by exploiting their potential. He has come up with creative ideas of rejuvenating the alternative investment community and taking the industry to the next level. One of the tactics that he has employed is implementing workplace wellness programs to boost employee morale and create a healthy workforce that is constantly productive. Here are reasons why it’s important to implement workplace wellness programs in your company:

Boost productivity

Workplace wellness programs can remarkably improve the overall performance and productivity of your employees. Your employees will feel more motivated and energized to execute their various duties if they are regularly involved in various exercises at the workplaces during their free time. Eating healthy foods and exercising will enable your employees to stay focused without falling asleep or burning out.

Comfortable environment

It’s good to ensure that your employees are working in environment where they want to work. This is very crucial because most people get bored when they keep carrying out the same duties everyday that are repetitive and draining. In fact, employees who partake in workplace wellness programs are happier and satisfied than those who don’t take part in such programs. Employees who are always involved in the company’s various programs are often content with work related factors. Healthy living nourishes your employees’ feelings and makes them look good at all times.

Lowers the cost of healthcare

The cost of healthcare will be dramatically reduced if you ensure that your employees are involved in well-designed workplace wellness program. You don’t have to be involved in workplace related lawsuits due to unnecessary workplace injuries once you implement credible wellness programs. With a good wellness program, you and your employees are less likely to get sick or be injured while at work because you’re healthier and stronger than someone who doesn’t have a workplace wellness program. For example, the wellness programs can keep the heart diseases, which are very common nowadays, at bay.


Builds strong relationships

Some group activities that are often done in team building programs can help in creating better relationships at work that didn’t exists before. When your employees participate in group activities, they develop a clear understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. People who develop personal connections are more likely to understand and relate with each other much better than those who don’t develop such connections. A workplace wellness program will engage all employees, and thus every employee will benefit from the shared experiences.

Weight loss

Thousands of people are struggling with the issue of weight loss across the world. Changing the workplace routine by introducing a workplace wellness program can come in handy in helping some of your employees address their weight loss concerns without too much hassle. Exercising and eating nutritious foods will boost the mental health of your employees and help them shed off the extra fats they’ve been struggling with much faster than before.

Jeffrey Schneider who earned his bachelor of arts from the University of Massachusetts Amherst is very proud of the culture that he and his employees have nurtured over the years. He believes that the success of any company stems from the dedication and solidarity of its team.


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