Jim Tananbaum of Foresite Capital

As founder and CEO of Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum has demonstrated that he has both big-picture vision, and the ability to execute. His current project, Foresite Capital started in 2011, with the goal of identifying promising healthcare firms and nurturing them into profitability. So far, he has had great success with this company.

When he started Foresite, Jim Tananbaum already had over two decades of experience in the world of healthcare investment. He honed his hard-science skills as a founder of firms including GelTex Pharmaceuticals. His investment skills were developed at projects including Sierra Ventures and Prospect Venture Partners II and III.

Tananbaum is notable because he is always paying his knowledge forward. He values academic achievement, and stays in touch with the world of research. Tananbaum is generous with his knowledge, giving detailed interviews about the way he structures his time and approaches partnerships. He is known as an investor who likes risks. He has a great track record of picking the right ones. Visit Bloomberg to know more.

Tananbaum’s mind marries the best of the business and research worlds. He understands that the profit motive creates efficiency in the world of healthcare. And as an investor, he has an advantage in that his background is in the hard sciences. Because he is able to read and interpret research like a pro, Tananbaum is the perfect person to evaluate emerging healthcare firms.

Jim Tananbaum trained at Yale, Harvard and MIT. He has one of the finest minds in the world, period. He is highly sought after as an advisor and board member. He recommends confidence to people starting out, noting that in some partnerships, his willingness to compromise led to less than stellar results.

If you want to be successful in the Tananbaum mold, it’s important to be self-aware. Recognize your gifts, and maximize them. Know yourself, and your limits, and work right to the edge of them.

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