Keith Mann Gives To Uncommon Schools

A new charter school is being opened in a local community of New York City. It is affiliated with Uncommon School an organization that aims to lower the achievement gap between low and high income students. Historically, low income students have suffered from many financial impediments that make it harder for them to get ahead in life. Keith Mann sees the problem in his local community of Brooklyn and he decided to get involved by making a difference. Keith held a fundraiser at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden in which he invited members of the financial services community. Many people came out because they were inspired by Keith’s call to arms. A total of $22,000 was raised that evening and the money went into the hands of Uncommon Schools where it will be put to good use in the upcoming school year.

Keith gave a speech that evening in which he complimented Uncommon Schools. Keith has seen the effects of poverty and he does not believe that students should be at a disadvantage just because their family does not earn enough money to pay their testing fees. Keith’s passion led him to reach into his own wallet and write a check for $10,000 which will be used to cover testing fees for worthy students. Keith respects and supports the goals of Uncommon Schools and he wants to be an active part of that mission for years to come. He believes in equal opportunity.

A new Uncommon Schools charter school has just opened up in Brooklyn. The students there will have their PSAT and AP testing covered during the upcoming school year thanks to people like Keith Mann. Keith’s company, Dynamic Search Partners, is located in New York City and so it wants to be responsible towards other people living in the area.

Keith believes that the best way to help students succeed in life is to get them the tactical and practical skills they need to do jobs.

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