Legal System in Brazil and the Role of Lawyer Ricardo Tosto

Brazil is a federal state governed through a presidential system of government. There are three arms of government in Brazil. There is the executive, legislature, and the judiciary. Each of the arms has unique roles which it plays. The legislature composes laws, the judiciary interprets the law, and the executive implements law and policies.

The judiciary is the custodian of the law of the country. All the laws applied in Brazil are anchored in the federal constitution. Constitution law takes precedence over any other law that may exist. Any law that is inconsistent with the constitution is deemed to be null and void. The Brazilian constitution was passed in 1988, about 29 years back from now. The interpreters of the law are the judges who are appointed from a pool of the best lawyers in the country.

Apart from the constitution, there are other documents that complement the constitution. These are the criminal suit code, civil code, commercial code, customer defense code among others. In their application, all these codes must comply with the law set out in the constitution.

Brazil is divided into 26 states. Each of the states is allowed to make their laws as long as those laws comply with the law of the constitution. In case there is a conflict between a state law and the federal law, the federal law will supersede.

In Brazil, only lawyers (like Ricardo Tosto) are allowed to practice law. Given that legal advice is a crucial part of any society, there are numerous law schools in Brazil. Thousands of students graduate with a law degree from the various university in the country. They are required to join approved law schools so that they can be registered as practicing lawyers by the Brazilian Bar Council.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is among the best lawyers in Brazil. He has been in law practice for 26 years now. Ricardo Tosto obtained his law degree after completing 5 years at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University with a law degree. He then proceeded to a law school where he sat and passed the bar examination. Ricardo Tosto is a business attorney. He is usually hired by big corporations to represent them in litigation cases.

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