Lime Crime Velvetines Make A Unique Statement

I love experimenting with my makeup. It’s truly one of those things that helps me express myself. I’ve recently gotten into lip wear after neglecting it for the majority of my life. That’s because I’ve always had bad experiences whenever I’d try it. The makeup would smear, look chunky, or wear off right away. After watching Celia Leslie’s YouTube video, I am ready to give it another shot!

Celia made a video of her showing off 24 different shades of Lime Crime Velvetines lip colors. They all looked absolutely flawless on her because she’s got big lips and great skin! The product looks excellent so it’s sure to look great on anyone. I couldn’t believe the variety that she showcased with these products.

The first one is Salem which is a true brown. It is absolutely perfect for fall. I can see myself rocking it when out to a pumpkin patch or when I wear my flannel. It’s a color that goes hand in hand with the season and the weather. Another great fall color is trouble which is an olive shade. It’s a color that’s unique but if you are confident, you’ll be able to rock it.

Overall, Lime Crime is a great cosmetic company. It’s got lip wear that is sure to make a statement! You’ll have people coming up to you and asking you how you got your lips to look like that! That’s because these lip shades don’t clump up like many others. Rather, they glide on smoothly and they stay put.

Lime Crime is known for being a makeup company that helps people to express their own unique feelings. The cosmetic company specializes in lip wear but they also have a whole line of eyeshadows, liners, and much more. They specialize in different colors because they understand that variety is the spice of life! Overall, anyone who browses Lime Crime is sure to find a product that suits their needs and looks great on them!

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