Lori Senecal as one of the 100 Most Creative Business People of the year

Different individuals across the world are business people. Among them, there are those who practice business with the aim of expanding their business or just making a profit, while there are those who do it out of passion and the urge to have remarkable results. For the second reason, one such personality is Lori Senecal, the Global CEO, CP+B.

Fast company, which is a monthly business magazine in America, took note of Lori as among the most creative people in business this year. Given Fast company is a media business brand and editorial whose focus is shone on creativity, technology among others, Lori Senecal got featured.

What Lori does is that she emboldens clients by pushing for what she sets her mind to despite the risks. For her, creativity is not only a talent but also one’s conduct. Having mentioned that, it is pertinent to know that the key towards meaningful innovations is by making innovative ideas. This is expected especially, from managers. It can be simply done by having innovative conversations with employees, which aim towards awakening their untapped abilities to be creative and come up with concrete or viable solutions towards achieving what may be thought unachievable. Be it by use of contests, strategy reviews or T-shaped conversations, as long as the ultimate goal is pushing for innovation in business then it is viable.

Lori Senecal is a true definition of successful women in business. After she took up the leadership position in CP &B Global in 2015, she has helped to enhance revenue by 21% entirely via risk-taking. Every single business or enterprise that she has put her hands into has bloomed. Right from Letgo, NBA 2k and Craft Mac& Cheese. Here, her role is basically to ensure the company’s global growth, manage different firms of this company, which are international offices and focus on enhancement of the organization globally. So far so good, Lori has made a tremendous impact, which is moving the company to greater heights.

Prior to CP +B, she was the CEO of KBS, and under her leadership, KBS grew in the sense that from 250 domestic agency to over 900 individuals worldwide. Having mentioned just a few things about Lori, it is indeed evident that she has a business touch. Follow Lori on twitter.


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