Markus Rothkranz: Healing Your Face

We all crave that beautiful skin and youthful face. But sometimes surgery and treatments are not the way to go. Healing your face naturally is the safest way to gain that beautiful skin you have been craving. Any kind of imbalance can make your skin look different from the day before. Lack of sleep is a big reason, but it is easily cured by more sleep.

In his video, “Heal Your Face Naturally Without Surgery”, Markus Rothkranz shows us all the negative happenings in our bodies that could be the reason for our wrinkles and dull skin. He tells us that each part of the face coincides with an organ in the body. So, when our skin is having issues, these issues are warning signs pointing toward what is really going on inside our bodies. Everything wrong with our skin is just a symptom of something else, so once the original problem is corrected, the symptom is corrected, too.

Beauty and health are connected in such a way that one will not be without the other. When searching for a remedy for those deep wrinkles, bags under your eyes, dark spots or just a bland dullness of the skin, maybe the cure is not that far from home. Rothkranz believes aging is merely a symptom of poor nutrition or lack of sleep or both. Surgery and expensive, painful treatments are only placing a band-aid over the symptom. These things will not take care of the underlying issue. So, according to Markus Rothkranz, the symptoms will always keep coming back, maybe even worse.

If you can gain control over your body, you will have a more youthful appearance, better skin and more energetic features the way nature intended.

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