MB2 Dental Solutions: New Arrival Jackson Hildebrand

MB2 Dental solutions is an organization of Dental Support that helps as a partner to branching dentists and owners of practices far and wide. They give out joined offices a suite containing services giving assistance for them in starting a practice productively. This is letting them center on giving at the practice patient care that’s extraordinary. This company was established on the main importance that collaborating doctors can assist them to more than achievable. A new addition was announced to MB2 Dental Solutions, Jackson Hildebrand. Jackson is from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Hildebrand contains a large experience in the financial sector and the field of private equity.

Hildebrand has brought with him to MB2 expertise in guidance and leadership. The tasks Hildebrand will have is by organizing and directing the financial operations of MB2 that are end-to-end. Examples of this position are financial reporting and analysis and accounting that are targeted at the maximization of the profit.

For his college education Jackson Hildebrand went to Texas A&M University. He graduated under the Accounting Major with a BBA and MS. From there he began a career in finance at KPMG. He does this inside the government audit program. He does this in Washington D.C Hildebrand received this position he was a Finance Director. The location he had this position was at TPG Capital, there he would inspect the operations in the financial and accounting areas from its money of legacy buyout. He has been married to his wife for twelve years and has two children. Dr. Chris Villanueva who is the CEO of MB2 Dental said the team was seeking for an important person with an expertise in finance buy who also has an understanding in the challenges faced by private practitioners. Jackson was that person they were seeking.

About MB2 Dental: www.monster.com/jobs/c-mb2-dental-solutions.aspx

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