On the Road to Wellness with Jeff Schneider

Wellness, it seems, has become a trend in today’s society especially in progressive cities like Austin, TX. Many people want to improve their wellness, but don’t know where to start. Jeff Schneider, CEO, father, and athlete, seeks to change this by enabling people through education and encouragement. He is dedicated to helping our community in whatever way he can, but, in light of the childhood obesity problem plaguing the United States, he is especially passionate about helping children. If you weren’t already aware, the Annie E. Casey Foundation estimates, “From 2015 to 2016, 31% of children ages 10 to 17 were categorized as overweight or obese. This statistic varies slightly by gender, with boys more frequently affected than girls (33% of boys versus 29% of girls).” As a committed father to three children, Jeff is alarmed by the declining health of our youth – our precious future.

Jeffry’s response and approach to assuaging the problem is spot on according to the Annie E. Case Foundation as they assert, “While physical activity plays a key role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle — and a healthy weight — nearly half (47%) of children in the United States do not exercise regularly. By promoting physical activity and healthy eating and by limiting sedentary behaviors, such as screen time, adults and caregivers can help reduce this statistic and improve the long-term well-being of America’s kids.” An avid proponent of health and wellness plans, Jeffry Schneider makes these a part of his and his children’s lives while helping others instill wellness programs in their lives. He believes and highlights that any individual has the power to make healthy choices and that these small choices in the present can support a healthy future. He leads by example showing kids that no matter how busy life becomes, there is always time for physical activity.

Since personal wellness is one of Jeffry Schneider’s passions, he participated in a program that helped citizens affected by natural disasters regain their mental and physical health. When hurricanes hit cities like Houston, Miami, and Caribbean islands such as Puerto Rico, health and wellness deteriorated at an alarming rate. People couldn’t find food and shelter, therefore exercise and other wellness routines were abandoned as survival became the sole concern. Even once the waters receded and the rebuilding began, many of the old wellness routines faded away as trying to get back to normal is hard enough without having to also get back into an exercise routine.

Texas executives, such as Austin-based Jeffry Schneider, immediately began working to help their fellow Texan neighbors recover from the natural atrocities brought upon Houston. Some of the sights were truly horrifying. Jeff Schneider and his executive team mobilized an aid initiative that was instrumental in providing help to people who were in the middle of one of the worst weather-related crises in Houston’s history.

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