ClassDojo Is Raising Capital Funding And Planning Optional Premium Features

ClassDojo has become quite a hit in the education arena, a little app that’s done many big things. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don started this app with not a lot of resources at the beginning, but they did have a lot of ideas from teachers on what they would like to see happen with social media and their classrooms. So Chaudhary and Don decided to build an app that would let teachers reward good behavior for their students through a point system, but they soon discovered they could do a lot more than that.


Now ClassDojo has become a full communication platform with a Facebook-like interface and complimentary learning videos that go along with it. Teachers can take photos of students doing activities throughout the day, and parents now have a better idea of what goes on the classroom. It’s opened up more conversations at home between parents and their children, but it’s also allowed teachers to instantly show student progress on a daily basis. Because of the revolutionary way that teachers can show their classrooms to parents, many schools have been able to cut down or eliminate parent-teacher meetings altogether. The app itself needs no administrator permission to download, and its had security features upgraded to protect user privacy.


Chaudhary and Don have saved money for their company by not spending any venture capital on advertising costs, but simply using the old fashioned word-of-mouth marketing. They plan to always keep the app free to download, but they do have some plans to add optional premium content to enhance the user experience with the app. Such content will include some curriculum material and learning tools, and even access to more student growth videos. The app has received over $30 million in venture capital funding, and investors aren’t in any particular hurry to get a return on that investment.


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Susan McGalla’s Advice For Young Women Trying To Be Successful In The Workplace

Susan McGalla is quite a unique individual. She has become one of America’s leading women executives who is currently with P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and is also a director for strategic planning and growth of the Pittsburgh Steelers. She’s overcome some stereotypes as well as criticism in her various positions, but she’s remained dedicated to her goals, and now she offers advice to young women who she believes can achieve similar goals.


McGalla believes that only through hard work can anyone achieve their goals. Growing up in her family, her being a female did not make her entitled to anything, and it was a lesson she applied to her career as well. But her parents did encourage her to grab onto her dreams and pursue them to the fullest. She encourages young women to not to look at the world as a machine that’s discriminating against them, but rather to approach the workplace as working together with both genders, and to earn their way to the top step by step.


Susan McGalla has approached everything she’s done in life with passion, and a drive to do better each step of the way. She grew up in a country town in Ohio where her father coached football, and her older brothers also played it. She learned much of her work ethic from her parents who gave her the opportunities to get her education and follow her dreams. She decided to go into business and marketing and attended Mount Union College, and even today she is still on the Board of Advisors there.


McGalla decided to bring her business degree into the retail and wholesale industry, so she started out working for Joseph Horne Company, a retail chain that was popular in Pittsburgh but no longer exists today after being bought out by Lazarus and eventually Macy’s. But McGalla helped Joseph Horne Company market and grow their brand well for the 8 years she served. After the company was bought out, she went over to American Eagle’s Outfitters chain store, and in that division she started as a merchandise buyer, but then became Chief Merchandising Officer and president of American Eagle Outfitters.


She had made the outfitters division very popular with her branding and marketing strategies that eventually she became president of the entire American Eagle corporation itself. Her tenure there lasted 15 years until she decided to step down and join some consulting companies. In 2009, she joined the board at commercial real estate agency, HFF. Four years later she founded P3 Executive Consulting where she remains to this day.


Desiree Perez Has Unique Skills

Desiree Perez has earned a reputation for having strong negotiation skills as well as excellent accounting abilities. Next is her history of achievements as well as managerial talents which speak for themselves. She has earned credit for the Beyoncé’s Formation stadium tour. She was a key player in the deal signed by Rihanna with Samsung.

Desiree Perez is a part of the Hova Circle which is highly influential. This is a collective that includes her husband, Jay Brown, besides Jana Fleischman, Chaka Pilgrim as well as TyTy Smith. It is this group that is behind the Roc Nation as well as Tidal too.  Check on

With all these efforts made by Desiree Perez, the Tidal app and its streaming service are able to cut their own path. The company is fast making inroads into the competitive industry of streaming of music. It is aiming to score more and more music fans as its customers.

There is another thought making the rounds that the company will not turn down any purchase offers that may come from any corporate interests and are exciting enough. This is because Tidal is not having the same resources as its other competitors like Apple Music or Spotify. Now it is to be seen how fast Desiree Perez is able to bring Tidal back and set it on a path to glory. She has already done it earlier. Hence few doubt that she will be an achiever once again.  Be sure to follow Dez here.

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Recently Tidal has attempted to focus more on new and upcoming music and not on their existent catalog of cuts any more. They are trying to promote some different categories. These would include Tidal Discovery that will be their new releases. Next will be Tidal Rising that is of upcoming artists, and another will be Tidal X featuring exclusive live material.  Useful reference on

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Bruce Levenson Supports the Creation of the Next Generation of Non-Profit Business Leaders at the University of Maryland

Bruce Levenson has made a mark for himself in the philanthropic books due to his generosity and active charitable involvement. He did not hesitate to join the non-profit sector after the sale of the Hawks team in 2014. Levenson has largely been involved in the seeding of the Do Good Institute at the popular University of Maryland.

According to PR News, the Do Good Institute aims at exposing undergraduate students at the University of Maryland to the world of volunteering and non-profit. The institute is driven by the hope to create a new wave of non-profit leaders in the business sector and transform them into people who can stack against their counterparts in the private sector.

Bruce and Karen Levenson have demonstrated their support for the Do Good Institute by seeding $75 million into the initiative. On the other hand, the state of Maryland gave out an extra $20 million. The first class, Philanthropy 101, included a lab component whereby students were offered $10000 to donate to their preferred cause. See,

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is prominently known as the former co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC, formerly known as Atlanta Spirit LLC. The company was behind the ownership and operation of the Philips Arena and Atlanta Hawks NBA team. Aside from being a co-owner of the Hawks, Levenson also served as the team’s governor on the NBA Board of Governors. He contracted Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs to sell both the Hawks team and the operating rights to the Philips Arena.

Together with Ed Peskowitz, they co-founded UCG right from Levenson’s apartment. UCG grew into a privately-owned company that specializes in analysis, news and data for technology, mortgage banking, energy, healthcare and many other industries. Levenson has served in other capacities such as BIA Digital Partners’ adviser. Additionally, he maintains an active philanthropic record by supporting numerous philanthropic causes and organizations like the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C.


Dr. Walden’s Career in Medicine

One of the top plastic surgeons in the nation is Dr. Jennifer Walden. During her career, she has provided some of the best plastic surgery to a diverse range of patients. Before she began practicing surgery, Dr. Walden attended medical school in her home state of Texas. After completing medical school in Texas, Dr. Walden moved to New York City for her residency. When she was a resident physician in New York, she would learn plastic surgery from some of the very best surgeons in the United States. This provided her with the knowledge and skills to provide excellent patient care in the future. Once she completed her residency in New York City, she stayed there to start up her own private practice. With her new medical practice, Dr. Walden would thrive as an independent plastic surgeon. She would provide a number of different procedures to patients and help them restore their physical appearance.


After serving patients in New York City, Dr. Walden wanted to return to her home state of Texas. She moved back to her home state and opened up her own practice in Austin. In Texas, she would continue to provide patients with a wide range of assistance. Dr. Jennifer Walden currently offers procedures such as vaginal rejuvenation, breast augmentation, skin treatment, laser fat removal and hair restoration. She also provides facelifts to patients as well as eliminating blemishes from the face. Dr. Walden has a considerable amount of credibility as she is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon from the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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USHEALTH is Enjoying Incredible Growth

USHEALTH is an insurance company that is a branch of Freedom Life Insurance Company and National Foundation Life Insurance. They specialize in providing insurance products to small business and self-employed individuals. Their goal is to tailor their insurance packages to cover Americans individually rather than one package for every situation. They have products for individuals as well as families. They have served over 15 million customers for over half a century.

USHEALTH Group offers products such as accident, disease, term life, and dental and vision just to name a few. They offer coverage immediately upon the first dollar being applied to the account rather than enforcing a waiting period for the insurance to take effect. The team at USHEALTH takes customer satisfaction seriously, which is why they work hard to make sure that the insurance products completely cover every individual need. They have won awards for their expert service and strive to create long-term relationships with their customers. They are dependable and helpful and gladly help their customers from beginning to end with insurance claims. They have a fully staffed call center that won a top 50 call center of the year in 2013. Click here to know more.

USHEALTH is one of the fastest growing companies in the country currently. They have been able to increase sales and keep customers because of their incredible executive leadership. The management teams work together with each employee to ensure that there are clear lines of communications and expectation. This translates to creating an effective company that their customers appreciate and will continue to do business with.


James Dondero – More than Investment Minded

James Dondero is the CEO and president to Highland Capital Management. He stays in Dallas Texas and his work at Highland Capital Management includes overseeing the company’s operations on institutional and retail levels as well as overseeing investment strategies. His prowess incredit market covers a period of over 30 years in addition to being among the brains behind Collateralized Loan Obligation Concept.


Mr. Dondero is known to excel in funds management as seen by how most of what he has been in charge of has excelled financially. He has received a number of accolades in his career life. Some of the most common awards include the morning star 5-star recognition for the Global Allocation for the year 2014 and the morning star’s number 1 rank for health care short and long equity funds also in the same year.


Before coming to Highlands, James served as the chief investments officer to Protective Life GIC adjunct. He was part of the team that grew the company’s business to two billion dollars from a startup in just five years of existence. Before going to work for Protective life, he was in charge of managing funds for American Express.


James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia where he got a major in finance and accounting. He is also a CMA) and a CFA. Apart from being the co-founder and CEO of Highlands Capital, he also serves as a board director for MGM Studios. He also serves as the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, NexBank, and CSS Medical Corporation.


He is also an active philanthropist as seen by his millions of donations. The company gives part of its proceeds to local areas charities and Dallas areas and other non-profit organization. He is also committed to improving educational opportunities for individuals living in Dallas fort. This has led to a number of partnerships and donations that the residents of Dallas gain from. There are a number of donations that he has been part of.



Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through

Equities First Holdings is United States-based company that offers alternative lending capabilities to high net-worth individuals seeking fast working capital. For the enterprise, they delight in the issuance of stock-based loans to their clients for business continuity. During the harsh economic crisis, banks have their lending capabilities tightened. As a matter of fact, they also increase their interest rates to amounts that have most clients scared away. For this reason, they end up seeking other sources of alternative financing solutions. For this reason, people end up working to achieve better business through alternative development facilities. Low-interest rates characterize the stock-based loans.

In 2002, Equities First Holdings was founded by Al Christy to become a leading source of alternative sources of finance. When the company was founded, it determined to become the main source of funding in the world. For this reason, it has its presence in all the continents of the world. Its main offices are situated in Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Perth, Sydney, and London. The company also specializes in the allocation of capital, alternative financial solution, and the provision of financial services. Since it was incepted in 2002, it has completed more than 2,000 transactions with their clients. Moreover, most of these customers come back for more services. This translates to the issuance of more than $2 billion. Equities First Holdings has more than 50 employees.

For those who need necessary capital, Equities First Holdings is one of the best sources of financial solutions. For those who do not qualify for the credit-based loans, consider the use of Equities First Holdings as the best option using stocks as collateral. For the company, they require you to submit your assets for evaluation. Once they are evaluated, you will get the loan at the lowest interest rate in the world.You can also meet their team:

David Giertz’s Thoughts on How People Should Plan for Retirement

Retirement planning is one of the most critical decisions one has to make when employed or self-employed. According to David Giertz at, most people are unaware about how much they should allocate to their social security accounts. For one to succeed in retirement planning, one should enlist the help of a financial advisor.

According to a survey conducted by NHY Financial Retirement Institute, most people prefer to hire a different financial advisor if their current ones are not advising them on social security matters. David Giertz urges financial advisors to focus on formulating ways in which their clients can benefit from their current income in the future. He also believes that money allocated to social security should be forty percent of a person’s income .

Giertz also advises people to save up for retirement early. Based on a survey he conducted posted on, people could end up losing up to three hundred thousand dollars in twenty years if they start the retirement planning process late. The key to succeeding in this endeavor is optimizing on financial resources that matter in the present and future.

David Giertz’s Career Background

David Giertz, commonly known as Dave, is a financial executive and advisor. He oversees the management of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. as the president. He also worked as the SVP of nationwide financial distribution and sales department for Nationwide Life Insurance Company. He also serves as an SVP, president, and director of other Nationwide subsidiaries.

During his tenure at Nationwide Financial Services as the sales vice president, the company’s sales revenue increased by over 10 percent. Giertz also worked for FI/WH and NF Sales as the VP of sales. Besides his executive roles, David Giertz’s financial insights have also been featured in media platforms such as the Wall Street Journal. He likes speaking about retirement planning issues at

The Repercussions of British Withdrawal from EU

The departure of the United Kingdom from EU resulted in grave consequences to the British economy, such as fall in stocks and devaluation of the British currency. Flavio Maluf, an accomplished finance specialist, predicted that this exit would result in global economic changes. These changes include


Changes to the British economy


Based on the 2014 European Union reports, the United Kingdom spent more than it received and this is what prompted its exit from EU. According to Maluf, this decision by the UK will result in decreased investments. This exit will also pose challenges to the free transit of people and goods across member countries.


Consequences for foreign trade in Europe


Members of the EU are afforded customs union that allows affordable tariffs on products. The exit of the bloc threatens theses duties, and the United Kingdom will charge new rates. However, specialist Otto Nogami claims that this exit may also prove beneficial since the UK will now be able to sign fresh bilateral agreements.


Effects of UK’s exit to Brazilian exports and imports


Brazil is likely to benefit since it will be eligible to enter into bilateral agreements with other European nations. This country will also benefit from reduced rates although the extent of this advantage is limited based on the reports by New York University senior manager.


Consequences on the European Union


Some members of the European Union will be affected by this exit. One of the countries that have begun demonstrating economic fatigue is France. Maluf added that it is hard to predict what will happen to the union as well as the member countries.


A closer look at Flavio Maluf’s role at Eucatex Group


Flavio Maluf is the current M.D. of Eucatex Group. Maluf is a native of Brazil and a graduate of FAAP where he did his mechanical engineering course. Maluf initiated his career at Eucatex Group in 1987 and rose above ranks to become the chairman of the company.

Under Maluf’s insightful management, Eucatex Group has been able to launch branches across Brazil as well as expand its business to more than 37 countries across the globe. In 2010, he facilitated the opening of the Industrial Plant in Salto. Eucatex Group is responsible for the production of Thin High- Density and Medium Density Fiberboards.