Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Newsletter Explodes In Popularity

The financial newsletter, Profits Unlimited, published by Banyan Hill Publishing, has recently reached a significant milestone in its print run – 60,000 subscribers. This is quite a substantial number for a financially informative syndicated paper and makes one curious as to the reasons for its sudden success.

One of the main reasons that Profits Unlimited has achieved such popularity is primarily due to its author, the highly lauded financial investor, Paul Mampilly who uses the monthly, eight page newsletter as means to educate, enlightened and recommend various stocks to his wide readership.

Paul Mampilly, in addition to overseeing the print and publication of Profits Unlimited at Banyan Hill Publishing also has a extensive career on Wall Street as a financial guru. He has operated for various famous and sought after companies such as ING, Duetsche Bank and Kinetics International. Outside of his considerable experience working directly with the perilous world of stocks and bonds and rapid fire trading and selling, Mr. Mampilly also has consistently shown himself to be, not just a old hand at the business, but also a very skillful one. Mr. Paul Mampilly put this accumulated skill on full display in 2009, during the dire time of financial collapse within America, when he accepted a public challenge from the Templeton Foundation and won their challenge by taking a 50 million dollar investment and changing it into a sumptuous 88 million.

Mr. Mampilly’s newsletter takes this long history of experience and disseminates it to his ever growing audience such that they will be better equipped to deal with the difficulties and challenges of financial investment.

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