Renown is Moving Up in the Community

Recently, did an article about Renown Healthcare. Renown Healthcare is a locally governed non-for-profit healthcare network that is located in Reno, Nevada. All of the earnings that are made from Renown Healthcare are invested right back into the community. Renown Healthcare is a Healthcare network that is very unique because it does not have any owners that are located outside of the state of Nevada. Renown Healthcare has the goal of serving the needs of their communities and their patients. There are more than one hundred and fifty members on the Renown Health Board of Advisors.

The Renown Health Network is a health network that is dedicated to creating and strengthening partnerships in the healthcare industry. Renown Health is doing all that they can do in order to improve healthcare in their community. Renown Health has a board of directors that is made up of principal community leaders. The board members have given their time and their dedication to the community in North Nevada in order to provide their patients with top-of-the-line care.

According to, Renown Health is opening a family practice clinic in South Reno. This is a clinic that will give primary care services and lab services as well. The clinic is going to be opening in the spring, and it is possible that Renown will add even more services to the clinic. The medical director of the Renown clinic mentioned that the clinic was made to have an inviting environment for their patients, and it is possible that in the future the clinic will be adding a conference room for patients and healthcare staff.

Renown has 12 different primary care clinics in the Reno Sparks area, and it appears like more individuals are desiring to move into the region. Since that is the case, they are very dedicated to adding more primary care clinics to help fit the needs of the community. In this way, individuals in the South middle area will have access to great healthcare facilities.

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