Securus Helps Law Enforcement Crack The Code

Securus Technology recently debuted its new crime-fighting software. The technology company performs a variety of services for the law enforcement community and also provides telephone services to inmates in jail facilities across the country.


It’s latest software, Investigator Pro 4.0 with voice search, is helping law-enforcement crack secret codes being passed between prisoners. It does this by cataloguing every phone call that an inmate makes. The software then analyzes the inmate’s voice so that I can track the phone calls made by that particular prisoner.


When a law enforcement officer wants to listen to the phone calls made by the prisoner, she simply uses the software. The software digs deep into the database to pull up every phone call that involves that particular prisoners voice. The software can even pull up every phone call between two particular voices.


This kind of search can show law-enforcement repetitive messages. Gangs often use coded language to communicate criminal activity. For instance, a murder might be coded as “stepping on a cigarette” during a phone call with a prisoner. Law enforcement can then listen to a series of phone calls made between two particular people to hear this message pop up over and over again.


Once the message is suspected, law enforcement can then turn to crime databases. They can cross reference the instances of the coded message with any criminal activity in the area. This can allow them to predict crime before it happens and can be a useful tool in prosecuting criminals using coded language. Without this technology, law enforcement would be hard-pressed to make such connections. It would take too many people working too long hours.


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  1. The company’s diversity allows it to develop innovative technologies while using the vast database of recorded phone calls coming in and out of prison facilities. The duty about this is what could do to ensure everything happens as it should too.

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