Securus Technologies: Efficiency In Innovation And In Customer Service

Securus Technologies is truly a cutting-edge company. In every area, they worked tirelessly to exceed expectations. This would include their Innovations and their customer service. In the realm of innovation, they are always looking for ways to protect prisoners and employees of the prisons. This would include the areas of Contraband smuggling prevention. One current pressing concern is this: criminals are actually utilizing remote control drones to smuggle Contraband into prisons. Securus Technologies has been diligently looking at ways to prevent this from happening. One of their strategies would be to and still a dedicated partnership with technology partners to develop detection technology such as antennae that would detect the drones before they reach the prison. Currently, they are looking at ways to engineer, install, and develop these drone detection methods. Unfortunately, this is all still in the planning process. However, one can rest assured that the technology from this firm will inevitably catch up to the nefarious deeds of these criminals.


Of course, another area where Securus Technologies goes above and beyond the call of duty would be in their customer service department. Indeed, they have even won awards such as three of them during the 2018 Stevie Awards competition! These would include The Corporate Escalations team Bing awarded Gold for Customer Service Complaints Team Of The Year, Zelperita Jackson being recognized with a silver medal as the Customer Service Professional Of The Year, and the Video Visitation Team receiving a bronze medal for Frontline Customer Service Team. Honorees received these Awards during a gala banquet at Caesar’s Palace on Friday, February 23rd in Las Vegas. Danny de Hoyos, Senior Vice President of Operations with Securus Technologies, noted how very proud he was of the great strides his team has made over the past year. He knows they will continue to be an asset within the corrections industry!


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