Sending Learning into Orbit: Rocketship Education

The San Jose based company, Rocketship Education, is a non-profit charter school network that launched in 2007. This innovative education company has made low income areas their mission by opening 19 public charter schools in California, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C. Rocketship Education focuses on integrating technology and education to enhance learning techniques. This integration is a blend of traditional teaching and online computer assisted education. By blending the traditional with the technological Rocketship Education has cornered a successful curriculum that has proven efficient with above average testing scores from their students.

Blending technology and traditional education is not the only innovate mix spearheaded by Rocketship Education public charter schools. Each school also blends teaching with families. All schools rely heavily on parent involvement. So much so, that parents are asked to help in the interview process for teaching staff and are encouraged to ask questions and give their opinion of each candidate. This level of involvement allows parents to have a say in who is teaching their child; knowing the hiring process, learning each candidates experience and dedication, and having a say in who is shaping their children’s education is a value not seen in traditional public schools.

Not only are the parents involved but most campuses also have dedicated areas for internet access to allow them the opportunity to send job applications and other virtual business that they may not have access to at home. This dedication to students and family is portrayed in Rocketship Educations five core values: respect, responsibility, empathy, persistence, and gratitude. By encouraging their students to recite the Rocketeer Creed each morning and emphasizing the five core values everyday, Rocketship Education also blends traditional schooling with social and emotional growth. The goal of the five core values is to ensure each student has the right tools to grow and learn to their full potential.

Rocketship Education public charter schools are paving the way for each of their students to make their way out of poverty by learning in an innovative school environment that encourages them to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

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