Sightsavers and The Professional Medical Assistance For Uganda’s Senior Citizens

Non-profit organizations are rarely able to provide the most sustainable answers to society’s problems, but Sightsavers is one of the rare, momentous and special exceptions. It is an organization that’s able to show staggeringly impressive results in improving the health and wellbeing of many people through solving people’s sight problems and other disabilities.

One of the most prominent and exciting news lately from the official website and blog of Sightsavers involves the free eye exams that the organization launched for the older adults in Uganda. With Sightsavers, it must be a great blessing and feeling for the Uganda citizens to get some of the best medical assistance there is today. Those with issues regarding cataracts and trachoma could rely on Sightsavers’ help and medical professionals’ assistance.

The assistance that these citizens could get would even include expensive surgeries. This means that the citizens won’t have to spend a single cent for their medical costs. This also means that the assistance the Uganda citizens get would be part of the Uganda government’s social protection program, which is now called the Expanding Social Protection (ESP) module.

The organizers of the ESP program also come from the funding for Coordinated Approach to Community Health (CATCH) programme. This project has been made possible with the active involvement and funding of the Dept. for International Development of the UK government.

It should also not be forgotten to state here that the Sightsavers program is also successful today because of the support of the Uganda Country Director Johnson Ngorok, who believes that this collaboration may be a good ingredient in the sustainability ventures of the country.

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust and UK Aid are also some of the more ardent supporters of such program. This effort is seen by experts to be a foundational effort to make sure that the senior citizens in Uganda are not left behind. There are many challenges ingrained in Uganda’s social structure, and with this help from foreign groups, more senior citizens can get the assistance.

The wellbeing and welfare of Uganda citizens are particularly important in any international group. Sightsavers is no exception. In its effort to expand its programs, it builds networks with grant-giving bodies all over the world. The combined efforts of the Uganda government and UK are necessary for this to happen. With the coordinated work of public and private groups in Uganda and UK, the pressing health problems today for the senior residents in Uganda would already get the necessary solutions that they need.

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