SteelSeries Review After Hiring NewsWatch TV

SteelSeries is an international tech company that creates impressive gaming gear and accessories. After hiring the NewsWatch TV team to help them promote two of their newest product lines of gaming headsets and gaming controllers that are compatible with all consoles and PCs, the company became amazed at their final results. NewsWatch TV had produced a very professionally made promotional segment and aired it to an audience of over 95 million across the United States. The promo segment was also seen in every U.S. Market. Tori Pugliese, the senior director of marketing for SteelSeries, excitedly shared, “We saw awesome distribution, it was really helpful!” SteelSeries was able to reuse the finish segment for future marketing purposes.

NewsWatch TV is an American television series that is hosted by Andrew Tropeano and Susan Brides. The show airs weekly on ION Television and a bi-monthly on the AMC Network. NewsWatch TV began in March during the 90’s and originally discussed only topics relating to breaking financial news and issues before shifting its focus on topics of interest and consumer electronic reviews. The show reaches an average of 95 million viewers each week in the United States and all of the U.S. Markets. As of September 8, 2017, NewsWatch TV aired a total of 1,229 original episodes since its first air date.

NewsWatch TV is the nation’s leader for breaking technology news, latest consumers electronic reviews, new mobile apps, app reviews and ground-breaking celebrity interviews. The series is based in the Washington, D.C., areas and has offices in Fairfax, V.A.; New York, N.Y. and Denver, C.O. NewsWatch TV is owned and privately produced by Bridge Communications, a video production and communications company. The series introduced their newest segment, AppWatch on May of 2012. AppWatch showcases the latest mobile apps for every device and reviews them for the masses.

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