Susan McGalla’s Advice For Young Women Trying To Be Successful In The Workplace

Susan McGalla is quite a unique individual. She has become one of America’s leading women executives who is currently with P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and is also a director for strategic planning and growth of the Pittsburgh Steelers. She’s overcome some stereotypes as well as criticism in her various positions, but she’s remained dedicated to her goals, and now she offers advice to young women who she believes can achieve similar goals.


McGalla believes that only through hard work can anyone achieve their goals. Growing up in her family, her being a female did not make her entitled to anything, and it was a lesson she applied to her career as well. But her parents did encourage her to grab onto her dreams and pursue them to the fullest. She encourages young women to not to look at the world as a machine that’s discriminating against them, but rather to approach the workplace as working together with both genders, and to earn their way to the top step by step.


Susan McGalla has approached everything she’s done in life with passion, and a drive to do better each step of the way. She grew up in a country town in Ohio where her father coached football, and her older brothers also played it. She learned much of her work ethic from her parents who gave her the opportunities to get her education and follow her dreams. She decided to go into business and marketing and attended Mount Union College, and even today she is still on the Board of Advisors there.


McGalla decided to bring her business degree into the retail and wholesale industry, so she started out working for Joseph Horne Company, a retail chain that was popular in Pittsburgh but no longer exists today after being bought out by Lazarus and eventually Macy’s. But McGalla helped Joseph Horne Company market and grow their brand well for the 8 years she served. After the company was bought out, she went over to American Eagle’s Outfitters chain store, and in that division she started as a merchandise buyer, but then became Chief Merchandising Officer and president of American Eagle Outfitters.


She had made the outfitters division very popular with her branding and marketing strategies that eventually she became president of the entire American Eagle corporation itself. Her tenure there lasted 15 years until she decided to step down and join some consulting companies. In 2009, she joined the board at commercial real estate agency, HFF. Four years later she founded P3 Executive Consulting where she remains to this day.


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