Dr. Mark McKenna On His Newest Business

Dr. Mark McKenna knows exactly what it is like to bounce back from hardship. The doctor is a full time entrepreneur that got into entrepreneurship with real estate. Still, to this day he starts new businesses expanding his portfolio as an entrepreneur.


Before Dr. Mark McKenna was a medial entrepreneur, he was a medical student at Tulane University. Medicine runs in his blood. His father was a doctor and even worked at his doctor’s practice. While studying for his medical degree, Dr. Mark McKenna began venturing into real estate. The ways doctors made their money began to change. He saw it would be hard for him to make the kind of money he wanted to make in medicine. So, he tried his luck with real estate. And he struck gold. He grew his Louisiana real estate business into a mega success making millions annually. Then Hurricane Katrina hit and he had to learn to bounce back business wise.


Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta, Georgia. In Atlanta he started a company called ShapeMed. The self-funded company was created out of Dr. Mark McKenna’s vision for a fee for service, meaning no insurance, kind of medical practice. Wellness and aesthetics was fused into the creation of the practice. The practice garnered the attention of many of the residents. It grew into such a success the company got acquired.


Today, the doctor is working on launching his second brand in Atlanta. His vision for OVME is to create a boutique style for patients to come for an array of cosmetic products and services. The customizable boutique will offer laser hair removal and all kinds of Botox injections. His mission with this business is to give patients seeking cosmetic procedures a place to have a very personal experience. Many other cosmetic surgery practices in the city have a cookie cutter feel to them. They lack custom, special solutions for patients. This difference will make OVME a very competitive practice in the area. Plus, patients can use the Uber-like to make on demand calls to doctors who will visit patients directly to their home.