Stream Energy’s Most Trending Philanthropy Foundation, Stream Cares

Stream Energy is a company in Dallas involved in various philanthropy projects. Through it financial earning from energy sales, the company has maintained its forefront support for recovery efforts. Stream Energy recently started up a charity foundation, Stream Cares, which formalized its community support in Texas and other parts of the United States.

Philanthropic efforts

Having philanthropy arm is a trending phenomenon for many businesses and corporations. This offers a dual advantage to companies as they are able to give back to the society thereby earning long-term loyalty and respect from their current and potential consumers. For Stream Energy, giving back to the society is an important element. The company has, therefore, managed to foster philanthropic and ethical relationships with Red Cross and the Habitat for Humanity as it engages in local giving. The company helps communities through different ways including the provision of homes to the needy and offering of meals to thousands of street children in Northern Texas.

The Stream Cares Foundation

Stream Energy had formalized its philanthropy efforts by launching “Stream Cares”, a foundation that would engage in providing all the philanthropic services provided by the company. One of the projects that the foundation initiated was the Hope Supply Co. which was based in Dallas. Stream Cares partnered with Hope Supply Co. to cover meal and entrance costs of more than 1000 homeless children in North Texas. The project involved bringing the homeless children to a local water park, enabling Stream leadership and employees to provide their life experience as well as supplies.

The Foundation has also been able to provide clothing, diapers, and school supplies to the children. With more than 4 years of service, Stream Cares has also offered its services to support the victims of natural disasters. In 2016, the foundation helped Tornado victims from Texas. It worked in collaboration with the Salvation Texas to provide financial support to Texas population who had lost their businesses and homes.

Fostered Care

Through its dedication, Stream Energy provides both financial and moral support to individuals and businesses in the United States. The company’s key agenda is to provide strategic support that would enhance social ties and improve living standards.,-TX-jobs.html