The CEO of Dynamic Search Partners-Keith Mann Collaborates with Uncommon Schools in Achieving High Education Excellence

About Keith Mann

Keith Mann is the co-founder and the former managing director of Dynamic Search Partners. He is a campaigner for the animal rights and spokesperson for the Animal Front Liberation. Additionally, he is the author of “From Dusk ‘til Dawn (2007).

Keith Mann pursued a course in management from New York University and has high experience in research, data analysis, talent acquisition, and recruitment.

Mann also offers his support to the NYPD and highly condemns the hostility usually directed to the police by the citizens.
The CEO of Dynamic Search Partners

Keith Mann has served at Dynamic Search Partners since 2001. He started working in the company as a Manager of the Alternative Investment Division and climbed through the ranks at the firm.

As a manager, Mann recruited for global financial service businesses and in 2002, launched the Alternative Investment Practice that has its primary specializations in the hedge fund industry.

In 2006, Keith Mann expanded the practice to a private equity firm and in 2009; he started Dynamics Search Partners (DSP) that has its focus on the alternative investment firms.

DSP offers hedge fund service that aims at acquiring the best talents for the hedge fund industries and meeting the staffing needs of different equity firms. As the companies CEO, Keith Mann has the role of hiring investment and creating new platforms for professionals.

Contributions to the Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann works with the Uncommon School in equipping the students with the tools that they require during the job search after college. Dynamics Search Partners holds a workshop annually in the school, which focus on building resumes used in the college applications.  Learn more about Keith Mann:

The funds raised sponsor one graduating student every year at one of the Uncommon Schools’ Brooklyn-based high schools.

Keith values innovation and commitment towards academic excellence in the school, and he dedicates his time and resources on multiple projects with Uncommon Schools.

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  1. He recently sent lunch to the 54th Street precinct as a sign of appreciation to the police force. Additionally, they have held a fundraising event in the past for the Uncommon Schools. Uncommon Schools have tried the suggestions of but still to no avail which is not recognizable too.

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