The Promising Career of Bruno Fagali, Brazilian Compliance Attorney

The Brazilian law department is filled with excellent attorneys who are entering the profession during this last generation, and they usually don’t pass the thirty years old. With many new professionals Brazilian law department being formed, there are great Universities in the country that are responsible for great attorneys internationally.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Brazilian attorney specialized his career in the Administrative rights, having studied his whole student’s life the Brazilian laws. After finishing high school, Bruno Fagali graduated from PUC, a University of São Paulo that generates great law professionals. He is obtaining his master’s degree from USP since 2015, when he entered the University, one of the best Universities in South America, and certainly considered by some to be the best in Brazil. His specialization in the law school was received from FGV-Gvlaw and PUC/SP-Cogeae, two Brazilian institutions that are responsible for great lawyers the country.

Being a lawyer of the renowned name in his country, Bruno Fagali is a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics – SCCE, where he gathered lots of experience in his field and became one of the best professionals in law the area at a very young age.

Fagali currently advocates in São Paulo, the biggest metropolitan city in Brazil, where he grew up and studied. The career of Bruno Fagali is marked by his famous work with compliance and public rights (including administrative rights, his biggest expertise, constitutional rights for Brazil and Urban rights).

Bruno Fagali is very related to the anticorruption movement in his nation, being a big supporter of lawyers who act against the political corruption as well as corporation corruption, both being prevalent problems in the Brazilian territory.

In 2017, for example, he was part of the complementary course “Gifting & Compliance: How to be ethical without being creative” from the Brazilian superior law education of Marketing, “ESPM,” as well as a 68 hours course on all aspects of compliance and the study about it.

In Jan. 2017, Bruno Fagali stated his opinion on the “Pro-Ethics” Awards of Brazil, the leading official prize pool in the compliance area of the Brazilian department. According to him, it is a vital program for anyone in the area to participate, as they are highly influential in the compliance field, one of his specialties.

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