UKV PLC Is The Expert In Wine Investing

As an expert in worldwide wine, UKV PLC will sort you out for your next wine investment. They have a diverse portfolio of wines that appreciate in value more so than pure gold. It is recommended to diversify when it comes to wine investing and France has some of the best wines to add to your collection.

French wine is one of the largest and diverse markets in the world. Over 8 billion bottles are produced in the country, primarily for international exports. And with their cryptic labeling sytem, it is overwhelming to go into the market alone. It would be wise to have a consultant like UKV PLC to guide you through the shopping process.

UKV PLC recommends adding the finest Champagnes from the Northeastern regions of France. The cold, high altitude of the Northeast creates special bubbles that cannot be replicated.

The Loire region of France is one of the most diverse when it comes to wine making. The majority of producers are along the Loire River and specialize in Sauvignon blanc and Chenin blanc. Muscadet can be found along the ocean regions. UKV PLC has some of the best values on wine from the Loire.

Burgundy is known for producing high class white wines that are known internationally. Burgundy reds are Pinot noir wines produced in the region have earthy tones. Chardonnay grapes used in white wines have a specific fruity flavor that is well known. UKV PLC has some of the best white wines, including Côte de Beaune Chardonnay.


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