Vinod Gupta On The Profits Of Sustainability

Investing and greed have often been seen to go hand-in-hand. Younger generations, however, are changing the perception, taking a nuanced and studied approach to their money and what it is funding. Time was, most people with available resources turned their finances over to an advisor and, as long as returns were steady, they didn’t concern themselves. Times have changed.

Sustainability is a leading concern for today’s investors, and businessman Vinod Gupta sees nothing but promise behind this development. Investing based not on commodities, but the people behind the commodities, is powering the economy and empowering investors. Gupta has a keen eye for this financial transformation as the manager of the investing firm Everest Group.

Vinod Gupta is a man who has not only seen the evolution of financial markets, but he has lived it. He has ridden the waves of business since his childhood in rural India, transforming a $100 U.S. bank loan in 1972 into the $680 million database and analytic behemoth InfoUSA. His success embodies all that America represents to its immigrant community, and he has always been determined to give back.

For Gupta, success was more than making money; it was a way to transform communities. It is for this reason that the rise of sustainable investing holds such promise. That sense of community and social involvement that investors now expect of businesses was what drew Gupta to the business world in the first place. Concerns about environmental impacts and ethical practices, as well as a sustained commitment to their local communities, are goals that all businesses should be striving towards.

This sea change in investing practices, for Vinod Gupta, not only strengthens communities but powers profits too, and he envisions this to be the largest indicator of future success. Vinod Gupta thought these practices were obvious when he started his business decades ago. It is an obvious formula for success, and investors are finally taking notice. Where there is profit, there is power.

Good Investments: Vinod Gupta Proves Sustainable Strategies are Working

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