Want to Express Yourself? Lime Crime Has a Shade for That

Oh. Em. Gee!! That is what my fifth grade self would have exclaimed when I saw Lime Crime’s latest launch of eyeshadow palettes. These adorable little palettes are fully cased up to look just like my Polly Pocket dolls I treasured so dearly in the ‘90s. In fact, just holding one makes me want to snap on a bedazzled jean jacket, roll my hair up in butterfly clips, put on my best jellies and run to the store to buy every single style available.

The palettes are available in a shell of yellow, bright blue and hot pink – the perfect colors to encapsulate the ‘90s style and fashion. They rolled out on September 15th and have become THE talk of beauty bloggers everywhere. They can be bought individually for $34 or you can buy the whole set for just $90. A bit pricier than a Polly Pocket, but the quality of Lime Crime can never be argued with.

Lime Crime is basically obsessed with quality. Their makeup products use all natural ingredients, are acceptable for Vegans to use and have been certified as cruelty free by PETA.

That’s just how Lime Crime rolls. From day one their mission has been to revolutionize what makeup stands for. Rather than using it to hide our flaws and look more like that mass concept of beauty, Lime Crime wants to help women express themselves to the fullest. Whether that means wearing bright blue lipstick, sparkling pink highlighter or sporting an adorable little Polly Pocket style eyeshadow palette is up to the individual. However you want to express yourself – Lime Crime likely has a shade for that.

If you haven’t checked out Lime Crime, you can get a feel for them through their social media channels. They actively engage constantly with their fans through social media and even go so far as to showcase photos that their users share on their corporate website.

Lime Crime is no doubt a Unicorn within itself and founder Doe Deere vows to never change that and to never fall in line with the main stream beauty looks.

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