Wengie”s Top Ten Hair Hacks Every Girl Should know

Wengie is a successful Chinese Australian Youtube Blogger who blogs about various topics like beauty, lifestyle, etc., In the video, she has creatively presented ten hair hacks in a very engaging way:


  1. Eating the right food is essential to get all the nutrients and vitamins like protein, folic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin A needed by the body to maintain healthy hair. Wengie recommends popping in one Sugarbearhair Gummy Vitamin every morning for healthy hair. She says that the product is raved about by Kylie Jenner.


  1. Cleaning the brush with hot water and soap is another important thing. For great smelling hair, instead of using alcohol-based perfume punch a dryer sheet into your boar bristle brush. Brushing your hair like this will leave the hair smooth and smelling like fresh laundry.


  1. For longer looking ponytail, tie half of your hair in pony while tying the other half a little lower than your first pony.


  1. For hair mask, use coconut oil. Apply the oil with thick makeup brush over your scalp. Comb the hair n leave for 30 minutes before taking a bath.


  1. Always dry your wet hair by patting with a super soft old T – shirt. Avoid rubbing and the use of a coarse and thick towel.


  1. Apply hair spray to a thick makeup brush and use it to smoothen your frizzy hair. You can also use hairspray on a toothbrush to smoothen your flyaways near forehead to get the perfect ponytail. If you want your bobby pin to stay longer on your hair, apply hair spray on it.


  1. For split ends, twist a bit of your hair and use a sharp, hairdresser scissor to snip the split ends which are sticking out. You can put a small section of hair under and over your finger n while you slide your finger, cut the split ends.


  1. For quick waves, pull your hair back in a pony, divide it into three sections and curl each individually with a curler.


  1. During super oily hair day, apply dry shampoo or baby powder over your hair and leave it overnight. In the morning instead of brushing, blow dry your hair for good result and volume.


  1. If you want to braid your hair while sleeping, use a super gentle rubber band. You can make one from an old nylon stocking. It is good to sleep on a satin pillow case for avoiding hair breakage.


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