Where Is Sarah Connor?


Arnold Schwarzenegger is arguably one of the most entertaining actors of all time. Whether showing off his “Mr. Universe” winning body or literally creating some of the most memorable catchphrases in pop culture, the former Governor of California has solidified his legacy in pop culture. In fact, several of today’s actor can credit him in paving the way for them. Though originally from Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger took the American film industry by storm. With a career spanning several decades, Arnold has a treasure trove of movies to choose from.

Though not impossible, It is extremely difficult to choose his greatest works. The greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger movies include “The Terminator” series and “Total Recall”. First, is The Terminator series. In the iconic movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a futuristic robot sent back in time to kill a women named Sarah Connor. Although Sarah Connor is the primary target, in one of the best Arnold Schwarzenegger movies of all time goes on a rampage and murders anyone who gets in his way. In the series, he creates the infamous catchphrases, “I’ll be back.” and “Hasta La Vista, baby.” Next, is his role in “Total Recall.”

In Total Recall, one of the funnest movies about aliens and alien relics, Arnold Schwarzenneger plays Douglas Quaid. The movie centers around space travel and the planet Mars. In the film, Shwarzennerger travels to Mars to find out the reason why his memory was erased. To conclude, Arnold Shwarzenneger is one of the most talented actors ever. One can find entertainment in some of his less stellar movies too, such as “Jingle All The Way” or “Junior.”

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