Why PSI-Pay and Kerv Have Partnered

Did you know that PSI-Pay and Kerv have now partered? The two tech companies, offering banking alternatives have joined hands as they offer the first contactless payment ring. This ring is not only contactless but it will also be released on a global level. PSI-Pay is one of the UK’s leading fintech companies, so it only made sense for the two to shake hands and work together. Additionally, Kerv is also a leader in the payment processing arena. The innovation behind the system and processes of this banking alternative make it a viable option for individuals who need to send money to their loved ones, as well as for businesses that are also processing payments.

One of the biggest reasons the partnership is so successful is because of PSI-Pay’s Mastercard license. Their acquisition of this license will enable them to aid in the processing of payments in more than 37 million locations around the world. Those who choose to use the PSI-Pay and Kerv processing system will be able to use debit or credit cards in order to fund their payments. Those who have been using PayPal as a service can continue to use that one as well. All of the loading types make it easy for anyone to use the service, as well as to send money easily and quickly anywhere in the world.

Contactless payments are becoming more popular as the use of applications continues to grow. Purchasing online and using apps to pay directly from your phone make it easier than ever to make purchases when needed, and super convenient for making payments on the go. The modern day digital age has embraced this new way of making payments and sending money. This also means that companies like Western Union and Money Gram are reconsidering their options, using applications to help consumers choose their services instead of the competition.

Phil Davies, the Managing Director of PSI-Pay has said that partnering with Kerv is one of the best decisions they have made in a long time. The Founder of Kerv, Phil Campbell believes that this new approach to payment devices and apps is not only revolutionary, but it’s the future. A wearable device will make it easy for anyone to send payments or money to anyone at any point during the day.

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