A World of Ambassadors: Kate Robertson’s Dream for G20 Leadership

 In an era where global politics often seem divided, Kate Robertson, the co-founder of One Young World, envisions a future
where the leaders of the G20 nations are not just politicians, but also
ambassadors of youth-driven change. With a vision that transcends boundaries,
Robertson emphasizes the importance of youthful idealism, innovative thinking,
and empathetic leadership in tackling pressing global issues such as climate
change, inequality, and peace-building. 

Growing up under the oppressive apartheid regime in South Africa, Robertson experienced
firsthand the transformative power of fair and just leadership. Inspired by the
leadership of Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, she recognized the
need for better leadership on a global scale. “The great and the good
gathered in various forums around the world throughout the year, but nothing
ever changed,” Robertson reflects. 

To address this lack of meaningful change, she co-founded One Young World, a global forum that empowers young leaders to
share ideas, foster innovation, and collaborate on solutions to global
challenges. By integrating these young visionaries into the highest echelons of
decision-making, Robertson believes that positive change can occur. “I see
these young leaders and how much they care about their people and what they’re
trying to do, in often unimaginable circumstances,” she says. 

The impact of One Young World is undeniable. In its 2022 impact report, the organization revealed
that over 5.7 million people have been influenced by the projects led by One
Young World ambassadors. Through initiatives like Lead2030, which funds sustainable
development goals crafted by founders under 30, One Young World has provided
financial support and mentorship to young leaders making a difference in their communities. 

One Young World serves as a platform where these aspiring change-makers can connect
with current world leaders, business executives, artists, and athletes. The
organization’s annual summit allows young leaders to speak on a global stage
and be inspired by heroes up close. By building, elevating, and inspiring the
next generation of ethical and effective leaders, One Young World is creating a
world where responsible and sustainable leadership prevails. 

Kate Robertson dreams of a future where the G20 leaders themselves are One Young World
ambassadors. This vision is not merely a wish but a call to action for a new
era of leadership. As Robertson emphasizes, “Better leadership would
change a lot of things.” With One Young World at the forefront, the
potential for positive global transformation is within reach. 

In a world hungry for change, Kate and One Young World are igniting the flame of youth-driven
leadership, shaping a future where the voices of young leaders echo through the
halls of power. It is through their collective efforts that the world can truly
progress towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and peaceful future. See related link for additional information. 


More about Kate Robertson on https://en.everybodywiki.com/Kate_Robertson  

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