Kate Robertson’s Vision for a Youth-Driven Future: One Young World

In an era marked by division and complexity in global politics, Kate Robertson, the co-founder of
One Young World, envisions a future where the leaders of the G20 nations not
only represent their countries but also serve as ambassadors for the youth-driven global forum. Kate
Robertson’s vision
is not merely a daydream; it represents a call for a seismic shift in leadership,
one that embraces youthful idealism, innovative thinking, and empathetic
guidance in addressing the pressing challenges of the 21st century. 

Growing up under the oppressive apartheid regime in South Africa, Robertson witnessed the
transformative power of visionary leaders like Nelson Mandela and Archbishop
Desmond Tutu. Their leadership radically changed the trajectory of their nation
and inspired Robertson to believe in the potential of influential leaders.
Reflecting on the lack of progress achieved by global forums and summits,
Robertson recognizes the urgent need for better leadership, especially in
addressing issues like climate change and inequality. 

One Young World has emerged as a platform where young leaders from around the world can gather,
exchange ideas, and collaborate on finding solutions to pressing global
problems. By incorporating these young visionaries into the highest echelons of
decision-making, Robertson believes that positive change can be fostered.
Observing the passion and dedication of these young leaders, she is convinced
that they hold the key to addressing the challenges that have plagued previous

The impact of One Young World is undeniable. According to their 2022 impact report, over 5.7
million people have been positively influenced by the organization’s
ambassador-led projects. Through scholarships and initiatives like Lead2030,
One Young World is investing in the next generation of ethical and effective
leaders. The organization’s global summit offers young leaders a platform to
connect, learn from world leaders, and be inspired to drive the change they
wish to see in the world. 

However, Kate Robertson acknowledges that progress is hindered by the older
generation’s reluctance to relinquish power. She echoes the sentiments of
former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who believed that the older generation
must step aside and support the younger generation in leading the way forward.
Embracing the potential of today’s informed and connected generation, Robertson
expresses confidence in their ability to create meaningful change, provided
they are given the opportunity. 

In conclusion, Kate Robertson’s vision for a future where leaders of the G20 nations are also One
Young World ambassadors represents a bold and necessary shift in global
leadership. By empowering young leaders and integrating their perspectives,
innovative ideas, and inclusive approach, we can forge a path towards a more
sustainable and equitable future. The time for change is now, and it starts
with embracing the power of youth. 

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