Jason Hope Has Weighed in on His Personal Beliefs Related to the Future of the Social Networking Field

It cannot be denied that the world’s social media platforms are an ingrained part of daily life at this point. It is also one of the driving factors within today’s business world. Considering these facts, leading philanthropist and investor Jason Hope has offered up his thoughts on what social networking’s future looks like. He has three primary takeaways that he recently shared.

A Key Role in the Growth of Businesses


Jason Hope has identified the fact that social networking’s role in the world of business is continuing to grow at a steady rate. This is a trend he expects to continue into the foreseeable future. Many of the world’s companies have shifted their focus to their social networking sites instead of their standard websites in recent years. The benefits of doing this have included an increase in direct sales.

A Growing Focus on Entertainment


Another area that Jason Hope believes will become increasingly important within the realm of social networking is that of entertainment. He points out that current statistics demonstrate people are spending a significant amount of time on social media daily as they scroll through their newsfeeds. They are discovering both news stories and entertainment options when they do so.

Jason Hope’s Take Regarding the Constantly Growing Role Played By Mobile Devices
Another trend Jason Hope believes will continue into the future is the fact that a majority of people now primarily access the internet and social networking sites through their mobile devices. Because of this, social media platforms and marketing organizations have developed easy-to-use mobile apps that enhance this experience. It is a factor that adds further emphasis to the importance of social networking for today’s businesses as they look to get a leg up on the competition. 

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