Kate Robertson’s Vision: Empowering the Next Generation through One Young World

In a world characterized by division and political turmoil, Kate Robertson, the
co-founder of One Young World, envisions a future where the leaders of the G20
nations are not just politicians, but also ambassadors of youth-driven change.
This ambitious vision represents a seismic shift in global politics and
emphasizes the importance of youthful idealism, innovative thinking, and
empathetic leadership in addressing pressing global issues. 

Growing up in apartheid-era South Africa, Kate Robertson witnessed the transformative power of leadership. Inspired by the visionary
leadership of figures like Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, she
recognized the need for better leadership on a global scale. “The great
and the good gathered in various forums around the world throughout the year,
but nothing ever changed,” Robertson reflects. This failure of leadership,
exemplified by the global inaction on climate change, prompted her to question
whether young leaders could offer a ray of hope for a better future. 

Enter One Young World, a platform that empowers young leaders to share ideas, foster
innovation, and collaborate on solutions to global challenges. Robertson
believes that by integrating these young visionaries into the highest echelons
of decision-making, positive change can be achieved. “I see these young
leaders and how much they care about their people and what they’re trying to
do, in often unimaginable circumstances,” she says. 

The impact of One Young World is undeniable. With over 5.7 million people impacted by
ambassador-led projects and scholarships awarded to recipients in 176
countries, the organization is connecting bright minds from around the world to
build a better future. Lead2030, an initiative launched by One Young World,
funds sustainable development goals crafted by founders under 30, further
amplifying their impact. 

Robertson’s hope lies in the upcoming generation. She believes that if previous generations step
aside and allow young leaders to take the reins, they can bring about the
change that the world urgently needs. “Our confidence in them is
increasing because we find them all over the world in every walk of life,”
Robertson affirms. However, she acknowledges that time is of the essence,
stating, “It’s a race against time.” 

Kate Robertson’s vision for a future where G20 leaders are also One Young World ambassadors
represents a paradigm shift in global leadership. By empowering young leaders
and infusing fresh energy, innovation, and empathy into decision-making
processes, we can pave the way for a more inclusive and sustainable world. As
the founder of One Young World and a champion for youth-driven change,
Robertson is leading the charge towards a brighter future. Visit this page on LinkedIn, for more information. 


More about Kate Robertson on https://www.europeanbusinessreview.com/one-young-world-summit-montreal-2024-what-to-know-before-you-go/ 





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